Angela Murray Photography | About

     I grew up in the small town of Aiken, SC surrounded by cotton fields, ancient oak trees, and a whole ‘lotta love. It was in this small town that I developed relationships that are the core of who I am today, and it was there that I first experienced the joy of lasting friendships, heartache, love, passion, loyalty, the loss of loved ones, the importance of family, developed a strong work ethic, and devoted my life to God.  It was in that small town that I married the love of my life which set me on the journey to experience the joys of motherhood.  And I truly believe that it was in that small town that I first fell in love with photography.  One thing that has always been so important to me is my photographs—they truly are the story of my life.  They are my treasures. 

     I feel honored to photograph for my clients because I know the importance of capturing the fast, fleeting moments of a newborn baby, the shy cuddles of toddlers, the wildness of little boys or the twirl of a pretty dress for little girls.  I vividly remember the excitement of being a graduating senior.  I know the untamed love of an engaged couple and the raw emotion of seeing your soon to be spouse for the first time on your wedding day. I’ve felt the nervousness of being a brand new mom.  I love to see the comfort in the embrace of experienced lovers.  Every single one of these moments I have captured of my own life and I love having the opportunity to capture those same sweet moments for my clients.  

     Just like the organic nature of those cotton fields that I grew up by, I strive to capture those same raw, organic emotions in each session.  And just like the strong roots of those ancient oak trees from my home town, I aim to build long lasting relationships with my clients, relationships built on trust, hard work and honesty.  When you select me as your photographer, you get more than just good images that you can download on your computer; you're selecting roots, relationships and passion.  I invite you to experience Angela Murray Photography for your life's moments.  I am committed to doing more than just showing up and clicking the camera.  From start to finish, I will help you with every single detail from planning and designing your session to fit your individual needs and wants, to selecting the best wardrobe to give you a perfect, timeless look, to helping you select the images and sizes to adorn your home with the best quality prints on the market.  I look forward to working with you and your loved ones! 

Keep smilin’ y’all!